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thenaturalIntroducing "The Natural", a 100% organic Riesling from beautiful Orange.

From the outset the naming of our 100% organic Riesling, "The Natural" is obvious... organic = natural! But the name is also a homage to how we wanted to make this wine. 

Although based in the Hunter Valley we love sourcing fruit from various areas to take advantage of the unique properties inherent in areas of different Terrior ('Terrior' is how a particular region’s climate, soils and aspect (terrain) affect the taste of wine). "The Natural" comes from high altitude vineyards on the slopes of Mount Canobalas. The vineyard follows strict organic viticulture practices and this approach allows the fruit to shine in the finished product. These practices combined with the high altitude produces fruit with great flavour and natural acidity.  

Rieslings from the Orange area typically show bright citrus flavours on the palate and floral aromas as young wines and they have great ageing potential showing rich and toasty characters with some bottle age. "The Natural" is no exception... 


This wine goes beautifully with fresh shellfish (Jenni is loving "The Natural" with Balmain Bugs!), seafood and Thai dishes.

Expect to find a beautiful lemon blossom nose, crisp fruit flavours of green apple and lime with a long, refreshing finish.

"The Natural" was given a cool primary ferment in stainless steel in order to retain maximum fruit flavour. Due to the exceptional quality of the fruit very little else went into the winemaking side of things and this wine can be enjoyed young or with correct storage will continue to develop complexity in the bottle for the next 10+ years.

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