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pizzaEarly on we knew that we wanted the name of our wines to have meaning - to tell a story either about the wine itself or the person who is the inspiration behind the name. Our very first release, "The Gamechanger" does a little of both!

When we decided to create a Rosé it almost went without saying that it would be named after our beautiful daughter, Lucy. No other person we know could possibly match the delicate pink colouring like our girl. From when she could walk Lucy has demonstrated an unwavering penchant for all things pink and is almost perpetually swathed in glitter, sequins and layer upon layer of tulle. 

But why "The Gamechanger"? Well Lucy is our second child, and essentially the complete opposite to her big brother. While Daniel understands the world of boys, girls confuse and baffle him! So when Lucy arrived with her desire to be surrounded by pink, for things to be done in her own particular way and a complete disinterest in ball sports, she was his ultimate game changer.

The name also serves the dual purpose of marking Daniel's entry into winemaking. As Dirt Candy's very first release, it represents a change in direction for Daniel and his career.



As lover's of food and wine it only makes sense that our wines are designed to be enjoyed in conjunction with our favourite dishes and "The Gamechanger" is no exception. We love it best with thai foods, spicy dishes, seafood and salads - it is also delicious with a cheese platter and nibblies!

It has a salmon-pink hue and is lightly perfumed with strawberry and savoury notes. The luscious fruits are perfectly balanced by an earthy palate with a long, dry and refreshing finish.

The wine was fermented using two aged barriques and is made up of 50% tempranillo and 50% shiraz grapes. The must was drained off skins after only a few hours to give the wines it pretty pink colour and after settling went straight into barrel. The temperature of both barrels were monitored closely to ensure a cool ferment allowing the wine retain as much freshness as possible. Following time spent on lees, to give the wine some extra character, the two barrels were blended together before bottling.

Our lovely Lucy is very proud to have a wine named after her and we hope you will enjoy it as much as we do.

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