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Our first release for 2018 "The Renegade" is a unique, aromatic Traminer grown in the Hunter Valley, NSW. 

Each vintage we plan to create a limited release wine (or two, or three when the conditions are perfect!) that is a "one off". In 2018 we have created "The Renegade" a 2018 wild fermented, extended skin contact Traminer. This was in part inspired by another local Hunter winery discovering some old Traminer bottles that they planned on throwing away. We happily took them off their hands and put them to good use.

We named this wine "The Renegade" because we threw out the modern day rule book for making white wines and used techniques that were more traditionally associated with the making of a red wine. We also opted to throw caution to the wind and leave the wine to ferment naturally using only the yeasts present from the vineyard. We adore this wine, and hope you do too!


"The Renegade" is an aromatic wine that matches well with Middle Eastern cuisines and smelly cheeses.

It is pale copper in colour with aromas of rose petals and lychees. Look for a lingering taste of Turkish Delight, ginger and citrus.

“The Renegade” is made from Hunter Valley Traminer, machine harvested in January. The fruit was cold soaked, a technique traditionally used in the creation of some red wines. It was stored in a sealed container for four days and then pressed by hand in a wooden basket press. The juice was left to ferment naturally, using only the existing wild yeast present in the juice. Wild fermentation is a riskier process than cultured fermentation as we had less control over the process and the final wine. This method, however, results in greater complexity and texture, and allows for a more interesting finish than commercially made wines.

A minimal amount of sulphur and vegan finings (we have switched to all vegan products in 2018) were used before the wine was hand bottled. We opted to not filter "The Renegade" as we wanted to continue with the au naturel vibe for this wine. After being bottled by hand in our salvaged Riesling bottles, “The Renegade” was also hand corked and wax sealed.

Only 17 cases of "The Renegade" were made and it won't last long!

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