"The Peasant" 2021 Piquette



Piquette made from a unique blend of Semillon and Muscat grape skins grown in the Hunter Valley, NSW, and hand pressed, hand bottled. Unfiltered and vegan friendly. 375ml bottle


Beautiful pale pink in colour, very floral with notes of ginger and musk and a light spritz.


Surf, sun and good music.


Made from Semillon and Muscat skins that were left over from the first press of “The Falcon” Pet Nat. Piquette as a beverage is not a new concept as it was traditionally made as a vineyard workers' drink in France. After the grapes are pressed, the grape skins are rehydrated for a second fermentation. This means you get some of the first wine's flavour, sugar and acid, but in a lighter, spritzy form which has a more cider like taste to it. The final beverage is lower in alcohol than a traditional wine variety. Serve chilled - perfect for the Australian climate. 

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